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Stinkin Rich


Bonus rounds7.5
Fun factor6.0
Total score6.3
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The Stinkin Rich slot machine is a game that was created by IGT, a slot with a luxury theme and with a special angle to it. Besides the family of rich people that every slot machine of this kind seems to get, there are always a couple of skunks, giving extra meaning to that stinkin' part of the title. Stinkin Rich will use an unusual setup, with 5 reels of 5 symbols each, plus a total of 100 paylines that are active for each of your spins. You will be able to use stacked wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus symbols, free spins, and bonus games. A generous 10,000x jackpot awaits the player inside, giving everyone a good reason to set their eyes on this game.

Stinkin Rich

Betting requirements

Though you have 100 lines active in the game normally, there will be the option inside to change the number to something smaller, if it gets too expensive for you. Keep in mind though, the game’s reels have 5 symbols each, rather than the standard 3 or 4, so the lines are pretty spread out. You need that many lines in order to land wins fairly often and not get bored too quickly. The line bet appears to be starting at $1, but you should be able to find smaller values to use at casinos with slots.

Theme & Design

The theme choice is a simple one apparently, focusing on a family that is stinkin’ rich. There are some elements that are expected from it, and there are others that are surprising. For example, you’re going to find mountains of gold coins and gemstones in the background picture, in some sort of vault. The reels will have some of its symbols show you the members of the family, all of them looking snooty and dressed like they’re aristocracy. The unexpected aspect comes from the two skunks that are going to show up in feature symbols, the ones bringing the stink to the slot. The low-paying symbols aren’t any better, showing things that will stink, from dirty shoes to cheese, garlic, fish, or rotten eggs. We can’t say that we're obsessed with the kind of design that this game is capable of offering. IGT has never been great at this part of their games, and it’s never been more obvious than in this slot that they can offer great features but they can’t put out a great-looking slot.

Special Features

The Stinkin Rich casino game has a total of four feature symbols, so there is always something to get from it, especially since the scatter has very tall reels to appear on. First, let’s check out the Wild Female Skunk, which is going to land on the reels in stacked form. You get plenty of chances to use this symbol as a substitute, and to form more combinations than you would normally be able. The wild symbols can’t be replacements for the symbols with scatter or bonus roles. The Male Skunk is in another major role, as a scatter symbol that you may use to land large prizes. With rewards of 3x, 20x or 100x total bet, the Male Skunk has to appear 3, 4 or 5 times, respectively. The rewards offered by it are in line with those from the top jackpot. One easy way to make some money in this game is through the Trash For Cash symbol. This one is also a scatter, and it’s a trigger for a bonus feature at the same time. Provided that you have three symbols present on the reels 3, 4 and 5, you get a reward from the feature that varies between 6 and 40 times the amount wagered. Finally, we’re getting to the free spins, a feature that you want to have access to in every slot you play. The 5 free spins which the game offers are triggered with the Keys to Riches Logo, a symbol required to appear on a payline, on reels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time.

Stinkin Rich


You will find two different methods through which you can land a jackpot of 10,000 coins. One of them is the symbol of the Rich Woman, the other is the scattered Skunk. The cash value depends on the denomination you give to the coins you use. The average RTP of the game apparently varies between 92.52% and 96.23%. It’s a decent slot machine if it’s at the higher end, but overall it’s probably somewhere in the middle, and as such it’s not a game I’d recommend you spend too much cash on.


Offering various features like bonuses and adjustable paylines, Stinkin Rich slot machine game attracts both seasoned players and newcomers. Here is a Stinkin Rich slot machine strategy that could enhance your experience and possibly increase your chances of success:

  • Understanding Paylines: Stinkin Rich slot offers up to 100 paylines. Know how these lines work, as they affect the winning combinations.
  • Utilizing Free Spins and Bonuses: Look out for the Trash for Cash and Key to Riches bonus features, which can multiply your winnings or provide free spins.
  • Managing Your Bet: Adjust your bet according to your budget, and choose the number of paylines to play. This offers control over potential wins and losses.
  • Learning Symbol Values: Familiarize yourself with different symbols and their values, such as the wilds and scatters, to maximize potential payouts.
  • Playing Responsibly: Always set a budget and adhere to it. This game is primarily for entertainment, and gambling responsibly ensures that it remains enjoyable.
  • Practicing with Demo Version: Many online casinos offer a demo version of Stinkin Rich. Practicing with this version can help you understand the game without risking real money.


Slot machine Stinkin Rich has a good idea, a couple of features that seem to be profitable and relatively high top payouts, but it doesn’t have the right graphics or average RTP to be a great slot.

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Who makes Stinkin Rich slots?

Stinkin Rich slots are created by IGT (International Game Technology), a renowned gaming company.

How to play Stinkin Rich slot machine?

To play Stinkin Rich slot machine, select your bet, choose the number of paylines, spin the reels, and aim for winning combinations. Utilize bonuses and free spins when available.

Can I play Stinkin’ Rich slots for real money?

Yes, you can play Stinkin Rich slots for real money at many online casinos that offer this game, following their specific terms and conditions.

Can I play the Stinkin Rich slots game on mobile?

Yes, Stinkin Rich slots game is available on mobile devices through casino apps or mobile-friendly websites, providing a convenient way to play on the go.

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