Unusual Gambling Stories



Gambling is a globally popular activity that can now be more easily accessed thanks to the rise of the internet. When it comes to slot titles readers can use SlotsRank to find out about the best ones available. Over the years several strange casino stories have hit the news. The headlines captured the imagination of players and helped to keep the gambling community much more interesting.

Unusual Gambling Stories


Player Manages To Bankrupt The House

It seems practically impossible that someone could be able to drain funds from a casino. After all, slots and other games are designed to give the house a good advantage. Even if someone attains a jackpot the cash is not usually enough to be an issue for the gambling establishment. However, in 2011 a pro player named in the media as Don Johnson was reported to have bankrupted three of them. This occurred over six months. As a result, he earned a high level of notoriety as the wins were suspected to be attained unfairly. Johnson was eventually banned from playing in a number of brick and mortar casinos including ones in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Surprising Comeback Stories

Whilst there are plenty of interesting stories about online slots it should also be noted that sports betting is regularly covered in the news. A lot of gamblers choose to place wagers on golf in particular. One man named James Adducci followed the performance of Tiger Woods and decided to bet that he would win the Masters in 2019. This hunch ended up paying off as Woods made a surprising comeback. Michael Jordan is another sports star. He is also well known for his gambling stories. Jordan was not as lucky as James Adducci. At one point he lost a significant amount of money after making an ill-fated golf bet.


Online User Outsmarts Crypto System

People who have been enjoying online slots for a long time may have noticed a number of important changes. One of the biggest is the broadening of payment method types. In the past players would be limited to wire transfers and bank cards. When slot casinos noticed the prevalence of e-wallets this changed. Eventually, cryptocurrency was embraced by these sites. Crypto gambling systems have also become a new thing within the industry. One tech-savvy user outsmarted an Ethereum based game in 2018. They did so by noticing that other players used bots to gamble for them. The user then spent days performing system tests in order to come up with a winning strategy.


Bizarre Celebrity Slot Games

Slot players are always looking out for fun new titles to try out. Developers will often collaborate with well-known names to produce interesting slot tie-ins. When gamblers log into a casino they may spot these kinds of games. Over the years numerous fun and bizarre ones have appeared on the market. They may seem strange because the choice of celebrity appears so random. Other times the unusual gameplay might come to the attention of news outlets.


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