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Black Diamond


Bonus rounds9.0
Fun factor8.5
Total score8.5
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About Black Diamond Slot

Black Diamond will give you the theme it suggests with its title. It’s not more elaborate than that, it just has a bunch of diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals among its symbols, and that’s it. Pragmatic Play created a clean looking game here, which might appeal to players that want simpler looks, without too many thrills. The developers picked a layout that is common to a lot of slot machines, using 5 reels and 25 fixed lines. You will be able to get a payout of up to $30,000 while you play this game. As for the features that you will be able to find in the game, we have a bonus game, wild symbols, scatter symbols and free spins.

Betting requirements

Pragmatic Play seems to have a thing for wagers of up to $5 per line, as they appear to have them in all their slots. You get to that line bet by using coins with a maximum value of $0.50, up to 10 of them in each case. Since the lines are fixed, you multiply the line bet by 25 here, for a total wager of $125 (250 coins).

Black Diamond Slots Theme & Design

As I mentioned before, the theme of choice for Black Diamond is not just about diamonds; it’s also about other types of precious stones and even some precious metals. The action takes place in the mountains, and they are shown in the background image, snow-covered and majestic as ever. The reels are all black and surrounded by a thick border made out of brushed metal. You have the logo at the bottom, typed in all Caps letters, with a very annoying font. For the slot symbols, the list starts you off with a couple of gold bars for the bonus, with a black diamond for the wild, and with a red ruby for the scatter symbol. The regular symbols give you a silver ring, along with sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other gemstones. If you take everything into account, from the boring choice of theme to the font of the logo which seems copy-pasted straight out of Word, or the lack of imagination in the symbols, you can’t help but wonder about what Pragmatic Play was hoping to achieve here. I’m not a fan of the theme/design aspect of this game.

Special Features of Black Diamond Slot Machine

The Black Diamond that the title mentions is part of this game as its substitute. Use these symbols to form new combinations if they land in the exact position where you would need another regular symbol since it will behave like the one you need. You can form a combo with both wild Black Diamonds and match regulars in it. Unfortunately, wild symbols can’t be used as replacements for a bonus or scatter icons, but that’s not true of just this game. Another symbol that I love to get is the Red Ruby. Shaped like an apple, this jewel is used for the scatter symbol’s image. It’s properly marked with a Scatter logo, so you always know when you get it. The slot will only use this symbol on the 1st and 5th columns, and to get 10 free spins from them you will need both to be in view. The final piece of the featured puzzle would be the Gold Bars symbol, marked with the word Bonus. It’s not a surprise that it will be used as a trigger for the bonus game. The symbols marked as Bonus are needed on the same line, on the middle three columns, if they are to get you access to that feature. Inside, the rewards will be anywhere between 40x and 600x.

Black Diamond Jackpot

For slots Black Diamond, we’re looking at a jackpot of 6,000x in the base game, which should deliver up to 60,000 coins to you. It depends on the wager that you made, the same as the value of those coins, which could be worth up to $30,000. The Return to Player in Black Diamond is going to be at 95.85% in the long run, from what we’ve been able to find out about it. It’s a respectable number, but one that is surpassed by a lot of online slot machines these days.


Once you put a couple of things together, such as the slightly below average RTP, the rather dark features, the bad choice of theme or the graphics that didn’t get a lot of love, you will find that Black Diamond is not a great game. It’s going to feel average at best, and for most players will probably not even reach that point.

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