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SG Gaming has added a unique and interesting slot game in their collection. The name of the game is Viking’s Ransom.

The game is quite addictive, especially for fans of Vikings. This post will cover the slot details, symbol, features, bonuses and theme of the game.

The next section will cover slot details, but before reading the next section check the list of top online slots casinos.

Slot details

Viking’s ransom has 6 reels, 4 rows, and 40 pay lines. Winning the game requires at least three matching symbols in a left-to-right position.

The minimum betting amount is 0.10 and 500 is the highest. Players who bet below 2 credits will get an RTP of %94 and the players who bet 2 or more credits get an RTP of %96.


The game has plenty of symbols. Some of them are card suits and others are based on Vikings themselves.

Here are the names of the symbols. Club, diamonds, heart, and spades are the card suits (obviously). These symbols offer small rewards. It makes sense because it’s a Viking game so Viking’s symbols should have the best rewards.

In total, the game has 8 Viking’s symbol. The symbols are horns, helmets with horns (Viking helmet), crossed axes, Thor’s hammer, male viking, female viking, berserker (wild symbol), and Viking ships (scatters).


Reel Link Bonus: This one is quite an interesting feature. This feature triggers randomly at any point during the game.

Once this Reel Link Bonus is activated, the lightning will strike the reels and pair two reels. The pair can be made of reel number 1 and 2, of 3 and 4, or of 5 and 6.

Furthermore, this bonus can create more than one pair in a single activation and it can create the same pair on the next turn. The latter option will create a Mega Reel.

The last benefit of this feature is it’ll reduce the chances of low-value symbols and increase the chances of premium symbols. Both of these changes increase the chances of landing a bigger bonus.

Berserker Wild Free Spins: The Berserker Wild Free Spins can be triggered by hitting multiple scatters. Although hitting 2 scatters can be considered as hitting multiple scatters, the player will need to hit at least 3 scatters to trigger this feature.

If the player lands 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters on reels, they can get 8, 12, 15, or 20 Berserker Wild Free Spins. The spins can be re-triggered if the player lands the combo again.


In total, the game offers various bonuses. Some are not impressive at all while others are massively impressive.

This section won’t cover all the bonuses instead it’ll only cover the biggest and smallest bonus.

The player can trigger the smallest bonus by hitting three card suits in a payline. It’ll give the player 4 times the amount they betted.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Male Viking symbol. The player must land 6 Male Viking symbols on a payline and they’ll get 200 times what they betted.


The theme of the game has a sea in the background, various viking symbols, and some lightning to represent the feel of the sea storm.

The theme is nothing truly special, but it’s decent at the least.

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