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Bonus rounds9.0
Fun factor8.5
Total score6.5
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Gold Rush tells you straight away what its theme is about, and it’s not a great choice to be honest. I found a dozen different games, from just as many developers, which have the words Gold Rush in their title, seven of which are called exactly the same. The difference is that this is the game that Rival Gaming has created, and the fact that it’s got a classic layout. The slot’s got only 3 small reels, which fit one symbol each, so you only get 1 pay line. You can get payouts of up to 400 coins out of the game, or up to $4,000. It even has a feature inside, a wild symbol, which is not unusual for a classic game these days. The multiplier it offers is a bit rarer though.

Betting requirements

With games that have only 1 line, the bets tend to be the same way, with 1 to 3 coins that can be used for them. The number of coins decides to what column on the pay table you have access to when you get wins. You use 1, 2 or 3 coins, while their values can be set in the range of $0.01 to $10. With those options in mind, you have a betting range of $0.01 to $30 for each spin you enter.

Theme & Design

America’s 19th century gold rush, which was made famous in movies and books, was chosen for this particular title as its theme, though the scene we’re shown could just as easily be happening in present days. We’re seeing a classic layout in the game, with the paytable taking over the left half of the screen, while the reels take half of the right, and the logo gets the rest. Behind the logo, we’re seeing a view of a man panning gold in a stream, with mountains further away in the distance. The slot gets a pretty basic style of drawing for its main character, symbols and the background, but I still found it more appealing than what most games with 3 reels can offer. For its symbols, they’ve started with the Gold Miner, continued with the Pan with gold dust, the Money Bag, and then went for the usual Gold 3 Bar, Silver 2 Bar and Bronze 1 Bar.

Special Features

With a game that has 3 reels, not having any features at all doesn’t come as a surprise usually. Still, in the case of Gold Rush we do have one feature symbol, and it’s a pretty good one. We’re looking here at a wild symbol, the one that also pays the biggest prize if it manages to form a combination with other wilds. Depending on your wager, you could get anywhere from 100 to 400 coins when that happens. The wild symbol doesn’t come alone here, and whenever it is part of a winning combo as a substitute it will apply to its prize a multiplier. One situation is when you have a single wild Gold Miner in the combo, with two matching regular symbols. The multiplier applied then will be at 2x. The other situation is when you land two wild symbols with a regular symbol, all three on the pay line. Both wilds apply their multipliers, so the prize is 4x bigger.


The slot delivers its top payouts through combinations that have three wild symbols in them. They pay 400 coins if you had a 3 coin wager, 200 coins if you wagered 2 coins, or 100 coins for 1 coin. It’s obviously a bit of a bonus when you’re using three coins, but this is only visible in the jackpot value. The value of those 400 coins can go up to $4,000, but to get that much you need to spend $30 each round. If there is one thing to appreciate about this game, I’d say that it’s the average RTP that should get the attention. It’s at 97.46%, which is very good for an online slot machine, most of them being below 97%. The games which deliver this kind of RTP tend to be among the best, though a couple of slots offer even higher numbers.


Gold Rush uses a retro look, and yet it still delivers a better experience than most classic games. It has a very good average Return to Player, which is an excellent reason to play it. I’m not thrilled about the gold rush theme, as you’re going to see it in a lot of other slots, about a dozen of them even using the same words in the title.

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