January 28, 2021

Different Kinds of People You Meet at a Casino with Slots

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Your casino experience is never complete without people. These people make up the fun. The people you meet at a casino are an illustration of human characters in real life. These people exhibit actions of the everyday members of society and as such, they are worthy of note. If you have at one time or the other encountered these people, you’ll relate. We bring to you today a long list of people you are likely to meet at a casino at one point in time or the other.

Different Kinds of People You Meet at a Casino with Slots

The Newbies

Newbies at casino houses are usually seen jumping from table to table, trying to learn the ropes, and are known to be super-energetic. These people have some cash to play slots with and are always optimistic that they would win.

The Young Chaps

Young chaps at casino houses are usually young and energetic. This category of people is eager to play and sees gaming as a means of relaxation after a long workday. Most of them are people who work in the corporate system and may just want to have fun on payday. They are usually full of life and are optimistic. 

The Big Spenders

The big spender or high roller is someone who does not care about his wins and loses as long as people see and recognize him as a ‘big spender’. These casino whales come in flashy cars and love to show off to everyone who cares to see. They enjoy the company of women and booze and do not care about the effect they have on fellow players. 

The Social Bees

This class of ladies is more concerned about the attention they get rather than the games being played. They enjoy moving from table to table as they know they catch the eye of some of the young men who find them appealing. Also, they never walk alone!

The ‘I Know It All’

These people always need you to know that they have an idea about everything. They give unsolicited advice and are always optimistic about going home loaded as a testament to their perfect gaming skills.

The Pretty Losers

People in this category always lose their games and begin to wallow in some form of self-pity when they do which constantly brings about consolation from other casino slots users. Most times, their losses are inconsequential, but they will not give up a chance to be consoled.

The Aggressive Gamblers

The people gamble as their lives depend on it. They are most times found by the slot machine and are the reason why the machine does not work eventually. Aggressive gamblers are usually frustrated and believe venting their anger is the solution. They vent their anger on fellow gamblers, machines, and anything they can lay their hands on. They are some of the most annoying people at casinos.

The Absent Gamblers

These people are only at the slots casino to stare. They play no games, they never contribute but all they do is stare at others playing and smile when their eyes lock. These people come into the game house to do nothing and are the most dormant people you’ll ever meet. They may raise suspicion from gamers but most often than not, they mean no harm.

The ‘Drink It All’

This category of people are always drunk and do not know their drinking limits. They are always sloppy and loud and are never aware of themselves at the slots casino. They interfere with people’s games and are shunned as they never have anything productive to say in their drunk state.

The Nervousees

These people act like it’s their first day at a new school. They are always nervous, and they show it by bouncing their legs, tapping their fingers, and erratic facial expressions. Little things startle them. They are joyful at any win which makes them want to play more and when they lose they sulk like toddlers. Eventually, they make the game uninteresting.

The DSGs

You read it right. The DSGs are a bunch of dirty, smelly gamblers. You’ll recognize them at a gambling house as their Eau de-stink precedes them and wafts through the hall even before they get in. What’s worse? They become a horrible mess when drunk and are an eyesore to other gamblers.

Now you know a list of people you’d find at a gambling house at one time or the other. While some are harmless, some make for a horrible experience for other gamblers. You do not want to be in this category. As fun as smart gambling is, your composure matters.

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